To boldly educate the community by using innovative ways to fight modern day slavery, to support other non-profit organization, to seek out new partnerships and provide an interactive environment for good.

Freedom: the ultimate journey.


Creating an atmosphere for people to share in their understanding of modern day slavery through various entertainment/activities: art, drink, fashion, film, food, music, etc. Understanding the global issue and not turning our backs but actually looking within ourselves and the choices we make

Awakening the Spirit Within Us
Bringing people together to care about our neighbor’s near and far. Sharing knowledge and creating resources to build compassion for other’s less fortunate than ourselves.

Challenging Notions that Victims Sought This Life
We avoid victim-shaming knowing that this was not a life sought out by those who have been forced into these circumstances.


How this is accomplished

We plan, design, and facilitate parties and events in various communities to raise awareness of other organizations fighting on the front lines to end human trafficking. We fun-raise by using volunteer artists, musicians, and foodies to come together and share their talents to help end it.