What We Do

We host events to help educate our community about human trafficking, raise money for non-profits trying to freeing those enslaved, and network with people making a difference.

Together we can make a difference. We have a few wild idea’s to put an end to modern day slavery. We need celebrities, government officials, corporations, churches, university environments to come together and help us create a world where Butterflies are free to fly.

McConaughey and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton deliver a message on how to combat human trafficking in Texas. This piece was filmed and edited by students from the Moody College of Communication Department of Radio-Television-Film at UT Austin.

To see missing kids from your area go to RunawayTrain25.com and help bring them home. 25 years ago, Soul Asylum's "Runaway Train" music video featured images of missing children, and helped recover 21 of them.