Why is so much rescue needed in the world?

There are more Jeffery Epsteins in the world.  Finally, his money could not protect him any longer.  How many more individuals who have committed similar crimes have been able to buy political favor, or have lawyers find loopholes for a reduced sentence.  We live in a corrupt world.  During my visit this past May to the Dominican Republic, I heard a child trafficker’s response to the judge for the reason he used money to purchase young girls.  He responded, “What else was I supposed to do with my money?”

At Rescue Party Give, we believe that money can be used for good.  We will help rescue people by promoting awareness that we collectively can come together and help reduce the supply and demand of human trafficking.  This is about community and we can help rescue others by throwing parties which highlight love, harmony and healing using the talents of others.  Our weapon will be art, food, music and laughter. 

My Personal Assignment - Jennifer Keltner - July 2019

The doors keep opening for Rescue Party Give (RPG).  Join us as we launch the RescuePartyGive.org website today to celebrate Independence Day with the truth that all people are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

We are creating a community to raise awareness of the issues of human trafficking.  RPG is investigating ways of solving this problem, collaborating with like-minded sponsors, and finding non-profits that actively disrupt this evil marketplace.  By organizing these events, we not only create awareness but provide opportunities that leverage the collective soul and talents of our community.  Yes, it will take a lot money to fight this industry of slavery, so there is a financial element as well.  Our events are open to everyone.  Please consider joining our community online at http://rescuepartygive.org, and we look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event.

Our world has allowed human trafficking to become a $150 Billion industry.  Every 2.5 hours a child is a victim of human trafficking.  Together, we can help make our earth become a safer place, where Butterflies are free to fly.  It takes community!